Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship, Wiki!

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Quick Facts

Birth Date

August 2,1998

Full Name

Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson


Actress, Writer, Director





Birth City

Los Angeles, California

Birth Country


Father Name

Richard Dean Anderson

Father Profession


Mother Name

Apryl Prose

Mother Profession


Gender Identity




Marital Status



170.18 cm


55 kg

Net worth

$2 million


Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre education and performance

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Insta Link

Wylie Quinn Actress, director, producer, and writer Annarose Anderson is also a writer. She is the daughter of Apryl Prose and Richard Dean Anderson, two veteran Hollywood actors. The actor is well-known from TV programs like MacGyver and Stargate.

American Experience, Raising Hope, and a few short films are a few of Wylie’s creations. The actress has an estimated net worth of $2 million and is not currently dating anyone.

What is the Net Worth of Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson?

A $2 million estimate for Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson’s wealth has been made. Acting is her primary source of income. She hasn’t yet made the same kind of significant impact on the industry as her father, but she’s getting there.

Wylie’s appearance on the television program Raising Hope for one episode gave her the most attention to date. She has additionally appeared in an episode of the American Experience documentary series.

Richard Dean Anderson, Wylie’s father, is unquestionably the most well-liked and wealthy member of the family. He is thought to be worth $30 million. He participated in some of the most well-known shows, including Stargate and MacGyver.

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Wylie’s relationship status:

Wendy Quinn Annarose Anderson is not currently involved with anyone. She is still a young woman, so dating isn’t the biggest concern she has right now. The actor is currently entirely focused on her job.

Wylie Anderson, the daughter of Richard Dean Anderson, is similarly a private person, and there are no records of her prior relationships (if any). She has a lot of responsibilities, including directing, which takes a lot of time. She is a very busy person. As a result, she does not now place a high priority on dating.

Body Dimensions

Wylie, an actress from Raising Hope, has a trim physique with measurements of 32-25-32 inches. She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall, which is typical for movie actors (170.18 cm). The actress weighs 121 lbs and has a thin build (55 kg).

Wylie wears US sizes 5 for dresses and 8 for shoes (US). She needs to take good care of her body because she works in the entertainment sector, and she does just that. She doesn’t set herself up for failure, though, as she enjoys eating things that some people might deem harmful.

Education and Experience

Wylie completed her formal theater study at Emerson College. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting and teaching theatre. Early on, she discovered a love for acting and performance, and she wanted to emulate her father. As a result, she began studying theaters.

Wylie also improved her acting abilities at the prestigious national theater group, the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. Additionally, she pursued her studies at the sketch comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade.

How was Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson raised?

To raise Wylie properly, Richard already knew what he needed to do. The General Hospital actor stressed the importance of letting his daughter learn things on her own as one of his main parenting goals.

Instead of telling her what to do and what not to do, Richard wanted to give her independence. He grew up in a similar manner, and he wanted his daughter to do the same. He also wanted to watch over her in case she mistakenly tried to do something that could gravely damage her.

Did Wylie Suffered Obstacles During Childbirth?

Actor Richard from MacGyver achieved his goal of living a life that allowed him to spend time with his daughter. Wylie’s birth, however, didn’t exactly go as planned. She was born, but when she didn’t cry out, she had to be revived.

Wylie doesn’t cry when he is born, unlike babies. Richard found it to be equally scarier because she was also not breathing. According to Wylie’s father in an interview with the Télé Poche, he was terrified upon seeing all the nurses and physicians.

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Richard also revealed in the same interview that he broke down in tears and fell after learning that his daughter Wylie was safe. He had experienced one of the scariest things possible, but happily, everything turned out well.

Career Highlights

Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson, the daughter of Richard Dean Anderson, has made a career out of the entertainment industry. Her career hasn’t been that outstanding thus far, but she’s still young and has a ways to go.

Wylie played Judy in an episode of Raising Hope, one of her few cinematic roles. Richard, her father, appeared as Keith on a previous episode of the program. Additionally, she contributed to an episode of the American Experience documentary series. and a few short movies.

Wylie not only performs, but he also writes and directs. And in her first film as a director, the short How to Cry on Command, she accomplished both of those goals.



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