Who Was Rickey Smiley Son Brandon Smiley? How Did he Die- Death Cause

Rickey Smiley son

People want to know about Rickey Smiley son. Be with us till the end to know more details about Ricky Smiley Son and his did he die.

American stand-up comedian, television host, Actor, and radio host Broderick Dornell Smiley is well-known for his prank phone calls.

Smiley pretends to speak to the caller while discussing with them on the calls.

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, which is nationally syndicated and has its headquarters in Atlanta at WHTA “Hot 107.9,” is hosted by him.

The Rickey Smiley Show, a sitcom aired on TV One, had Smiley as the lead. He contributes a piece to the nationally broadcast tabloid program Dish Nation, produced by Fox.

Rickey Smiley For Real, a reality television program about his life, first featured Smiley in 2015. Let’s get to know more details about Rickey Smiley son.

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Who Was Rickey Smiley Son Brandon Smiley?

American Actor and comedian Rickey Smiley, 54, has five children and works as a comedian.

D’Essence Elizabeth, 25, Malik, 21, Aaryn Smiley, and 32-year-old Brandon are his biological children. He also adopted Craig Smiley.

Rickey Smiley has not previously revealed anything about the mother of his children or the circumstances surrounding their divorce.

Although he mentioned that her son’s mother, Brenda, would survive him when announcing the passing of his eldest son, Brandon.

Rickey Smiley son
Rickey Smiley son Brandon died. (Source: Instagram)

Rockey disclosed that he was married to Brenda for 12 years during an interview with the Panic Room podcast.

He said that his wife did not cheat on him but added that she was a “different sort of guy” from him when pressed for more information.

How Did Rickey Smiley Die? Death Cause Revealed

Rickey Smiley did not explicitly mention Brandon Smiley’s death. Brandon Smiley, the oldest son of comedian Rickey Smiley, passed away on Sunday.

The senior Smiley posted a video on his verified Instagram account breaking the terrible news about his 32-year-old son.

When discussing his sorrow, Smiley remarked, “I can now understand my grandfather’s struggles and the reasons behind his emotions.

My granddaddy experienced this (crap) with my Father, and now, strangely, I am, experiencing the same thing as my grandparents. please offer prayers for our family”.

Unfortunately, Rickey and his family had experienced a similar tragedy before.

Rickey Smiley sonRickey Smiley son
Rickey Smiley Instagram Image. (Source: Instagram)

His daughter Aaryn was hurt by a random incident of gun violence in Houston, Texas, in July 2020. She was being driven to a restaurant by her lover when she was shot.

Aaryn disclosed following the incident on social media, “The fact that the bullets that struck my legs were armored rifle bullets designed to penetrate anything, but the bullet that would have struck my head was not one of those and ended up lodged in the vehicle. Words cannot express my gratitude for my current state of existence “.

Brandon Smiley Wife: Was He Married?

Brandon Smiley had not been married at the time of his death. He did, however, have a romance. According to rumors, he was dating Brooke Antonette.

In a musical family, Brandon was raised in Birmingham, Alabama. He is renowned for his musical ability and frequently performs at his Father’s concerts to display it.

He has played on a few of his Father’s albums and is a gifted musician.

In addition to releasing his own songs, Brandon is also known for his distinctive style and sound. He is a working musician who is constantly recognized for his musical talent.

Rickey Smiley gained notoriety with his stand-up comedy, which frequently consists of comic sketches and impersonations.

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