Premier League Has the Most Lucrative Football Clubs: Study

Premier League Has the Most Lucrative Football Clubs: Study

An analysis by Deloitte revealed that over half of the world’s wealthiest clubs come from England’s iconic Premier League.

Out of the twenty teams that topped off in the 2021-22 Premier League Money League study, eleven emerged as the biggest money-makers.

Premier League is big

For the first time in a quarter-century, over half of the clubs come from one single league.

Reigning Premier League champions Manchester City topped the rankings, raking in 731 million euros (£619.1m), a figure surpassing that of Spanish giants Real Madrid (713.8m euros).

After a successful season, Liverpool have risen to third on the list of top 20 clubs in Europe, with Manchester United and Chelsea not far behind. Tottenham and Arsenal also managed to make it into the prestigious rankings. With West Ham, Leicester City, Leeds United, Everton and Newcastle rounding up the top 10 spots respectively. The overall revenue generated by these twenty elite teams amounted to €9.2 billion (£7.82bn); showing an impressive 13% growth from 2020-21!

After a full season of fans returning to stadia after Covid-19 restrictions, matchday revenue skyrocketed from 111 million euros to an incredible 1.4 billion euros – illustrating the immense impact that fan presence can have on sporting success.

Earnings continue to grow

Five of the top teams in the Premier League – Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur – experienced a surge in revenue by 15% or more. That resulted in an immense profit of 226m euros!

Commercial earnings grew 8% with a total of 3.8 billion euros (£3.23bn) compared to the 3.5 billion euros (£2.975bn) from the prior season; however, broadcast revenue decreased by 11%, totaling 485 million euros (or £412..25m). 

The variance in these results was due to the rescheduling of games pushed back from 2019-20 into this current season cycle.

Earnings table for the richest football clubs

Position (last year’s position) Club 2021-22 revenue (£m) 2020-21 revenue (£m)
1 (1) Manchester City 619.1 (731m euros) 571.1 (644.9m euros)
2 (2) Real Madrid 604.5 (713.8m euros) 567.3 (640.7m euros)
3 (7) Liverpool 594.3 (701.7m euros) 487.4 (550.4m euros)
4 (5) Manchester United 583.2 (688.6m euros) 494.1 (558m euros)
5 (6) Paris St-Germain 554 (654.2m euros) 492.5 (556.2m euros)
6 (3) Bayern Munich 553.5 (653.6m euros) 541.4 (611.4m euros)
7 (4) Barcelona 540.5 (638.2m euros) 515.4 (582.1m euros)
8 (8) Chelsea 481.3 (568.3m euros) 436.6 (493.1m euros)
9 (10) Tottenham Hotspur 442.8 (523m euros) 359.7 (406.2m euros)
10 (11) Arsenal 367.1 (433.5m euros) 324.5 (366.5m euros)
11 (9) Juventus 339.3 (400.6m euros) 383.5 (433.1m euros)
12 (13) Atletico Madrid 333.6 (393.9m euros) 294.7 (332.8m euros)
13 (12) Borussia Dortmund 302.2 (356.9m euros) 298.9 (337.6m euros)
14 (14) Inter Milan 261.2 (308.4m euros) 293 (330.9m euros)
15 (16) West Ham United 255.1 (301.2m euros) 196.1 (221.5m euros)
16 (19) AC Milan 224.4 (264.9m euros) 191.5 (216.3m euros)
17 (15) Leicester City 213.6 (252.2m euros) 226.2 (255.5m euros)
18 (n/a) Leeds United 189.2 (223.4m euros) 168.6 (190.4m euros)
19 (18) Everton 181 (213.7m euros) 193.1 (218.1m euros)
20 (n/a) Newcastle United 179.8 (212.3m euros) 150.6 (170.1m euros)

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