Olympian Star Died Of Brain Aneurysm

Rare picture of Duncan Pugh with his wife McKenzie.

Duncan Pugh death news has been flooding the Internet since his family confirmed the news with simple words in public.

Pugh was an Australian bobsledder who started completing Internationally in 2007 and was involved in different events and competitions. 

The Olympian star mirrored as a surfing lifesaver and volunteered as a rugby coach in most of his free time. People who fan bobsledder know him and have been fans of him for a long time. 

Still, people learned about him after his death news came to the public; it has been on the Internet since January 31, 2023.

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Individuals have been sharing their thoughts of him and condolence to his family via social media. Read further to learn the reason behind Pugh’s sudden death. 

Duncan Pugh Death And Obituary

Pugh was under medical attention on January 24 and died a day after a catastrophic brain bleed on January 25, 2023, at 48.

Pugh was a married man and Father of two sons. His wife McKenzie shared a post, “We are heartbroken and simply lost for words,” “Taken far too soon. You were the rock of our family and wore your heart on your sleeve.”

She added, “You were proud of our two boys, the best dad anyone could have hoped for. Your passion and determination will forever live on in our boys.”

Rare picture of Duncan Pugh with his wife McKenzie.
A rare picture of Duncan Pugh with his wife, McKenzie. (Image Source:PerthNow)

It was a heartbreaking post from his wife; she has asked for his family’s privacy after sharing her thoughts and confirming the news about his death. 

His Olympic community and the Pugh family shared the news about losing one of the bobsledders.

His close friends also shared thoughts about him; they mentioned he was very much a family guy and friendly with everyone.

Pugh will always be remembered by his fan, the community, and his family. 

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Olympian Star Died Of a Brain Aneurysm

Pugh died on January 25, but the news about his death was out by his family for almost a week. He died of a Brain Aneurysm, doctors confirmed. 

News published by The West Australian confirmed that after suffering from a brain bleed in his Perth home, he lived with his wife and two young sons, Charlie and George.

Bobsleigh and Skeleton Australia posted on Facebook: “Our small bobsleigh family has taken a big hit this week with the passing of Pughie, Duncan Pugh, Vancouver 2010 Olympian, was and will always be remembered as a legend.

They added He is a fantastic Father to his boys and a beloved husband, son, brother, and uncle to his family.

Winter Olympian Duncan Pugh died at the age of 48 on January 25.Winter Olympian Duncan Pugh died at the age of 48 on January 25.
Winter Olympian Duncan Pugh died at the age of 48 on January 25. (Image Source: News.com.au)

It will be tough for those young boys to accept that their Father is no longer with them. Everyone in his family has a hard time after his sudden death, but it will be more difficult for his sons and wife.

He was adored and respected as a teacher and loved by all his friends and family; they often mentioned how close he was to everyone in the community. 

Pugh’s sudden death news has made people think twice, but he is not with us. His family and friends surrounded Pugh before his death.

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