How to bet on football in 2023? Expert advice


Football betting is popular among all players who have even a superficial relationship with betting. T. In this sport, the most matches are held, in the line of betting companies, the largest number of events is always determined for football competitions. Despite the free access to information for analyzing football tournaments, many players continue to regularly make mistakes and lose their money on bets. In this material, we will understand why this happens, and we will tell you how to bet on football correctly and win. We will also talk about the best bookies for betting on matches.

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What can you bet on?

There are a huge number of different events in the football betting schedule. About 1,000 different markets can be found on top-match, so we will not list all the options. Let’s stop at the basics.

  • These are bets on the results of the match at the end of regular time. This includes not only the p1-x-p2 line – a double chance is also added: results of 1x, 12 and x2. Bookmakers usually offer the highest quotes and the lowest margin for betting on the outcome of the match. Other exclusive types of predictions are connected with the result of the match: for example, a willful victory, a clean score victory, a victory and a total, a victory and both will score and other express results.


  • Tota bet. This is a bet on the quantitative expression of a performance indicator. In a general sense, these are bets on the number of goals, but in football, not only scored goals can be considered: yellow cards, corners, etc. The player is offered to choose from two options – more or less. The bookmaker puts a certain value in the schedule, while the bettor evaluates the market and makes a bet – the total is more or the total is less. Also in the painting there are individual totals-results specifically for each team.


  • Bets on the gap between teams. Like the total, the handicap can be in goals or statistical indicators. There are European and Asian handicaps. In the line, the bookmakers set the main handicap, there are also additional markets in the schedule. There is also a zero handicap, which insures the result for the team to win.


  • Accurate Score. When placing a bet on this market, the bettor tries to guess the exact number of goals scored in the match by both teams. Such events always have high odds, as it is extremely difficult to analyze and guess the score.


  • Bets on statistics. This includes separate markings for corners, yellow cards, offsides, shots on target, removals, fouls, outs, etc. There are standard markets – handicap, total, exit.

It is noteworthy that each type of bet can be taken by the bettor as a basis both for the entire time of the match and for a specific half.

Peculiarities of betting on football matches

A football game between two teams, lasting in the format of two halves of 45 minutes each. This is one of the most unpredictable sports, which creates difficulties for bettors in determining the best market for a bet. One of the main features of success in football betting is analytics and accurate analysis of each game. We will return to this point a little later.

You can place bets on football in pre-match and live. Often, players make the mistake of placing a bet on a match long before it starts – for example, a day or earlier. At these moments, you can catch a good coefficient on a previously analyzed betting option. But before the start of the game, force majeure-injuries of the leading players, a sudden change in weather conditions may occur, which will cause a change in the situation before the game and will affect the accuracy of the passage of the pre-selected bet.

Therefore, it is recommended to place bets a few minutes before the starting whistle – at these minutes, the teams’ lineups are already known, surprises usually do not happen. You can also react to events in live mode – for example, one team has been eliminated: a great sign to bet on the victory of the opponent in the event of a draw or a goal of the team that remained in the majority.

Analysis of games

 The breakdown of the game does not depend on the bettor’s preferences for the bet before the start of the procedure. For example, if you often bet on totals, and bet on performance as a basis for a forecast, it will be a mistake. There should be no biases or advantages in football betting if the player is going to make a long-term profit.

Therefore, even if you have a favorite team, you need to adequately assess their capabilities. If you understand that the opposing team is in better shape, you should not bet on your favorites. Or you can make a very small bet, because if they suddenly win, and it will be a surprise to everyone, the odds of such a win will be high.

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