How many people died at Monterey Park


Monterey Park has always been a place of great significance to the people of America. It is about eight miles east of Los Angeles’s city center. The city, which has a population of about 60,000, is renowned for its multicultural population and close proximity to important commercial and cultural hubs.

There are many parks and recreational places in the city, including Barnes Park, and Garvey Ranch Park, and because of the sizeable number of Asian Americans that live there, especially Chinese Americans, Monterey Park is frequently referred to as America’s first suburban Chinatown. 

The city of Monterey Park was recently a crime scene when a horrible mass shooting occurred. January 21st, 2023 was the exact day it happened. The city which has a sizable Hispanic community, with many people of Mexican and Central American ancestry living there has been in great fear ever since.

This article seeks to give the number of people who died at the Park. Investigations continue as per this writing.

10 people died at Monterey Park including the shooter,Huu Can Tran. Since the Uvalde school massacre in May of last year, there have been 33 mass shootings in 2023, with the Monterey Park tragedy being the bloodiest.

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