George Parker Fired, After Boy, 6, Shoots Teacher In Virginia

Virginia teacher shot in classroom by pupil, 6,

Superintendent Dr. George Parker fired news that has been trending on the Internet; get to know the reason behind it via this article.

The news bout a 6-year-old boy shooting a grade teacher was out on January 6, following the new people and school members asking Fire George Parker. 

Almost after twenty days, the news has been flooding the Internet. Dr. Parker started serving as Superintendent in 2018. The voting poll was pulled up against George Parker’s arrest.

Dr. Ebony Parker, vice principal of Richneck Elementary, resigned on the same day after six year old shot a teacher who was seriously injured. 

The reason behind resigning has not been disclosed yet; it was her choice to get away from the school. Among all that, people have been curious about the follow-up news about George Parker being fired.

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George Parker Fired, After Boy, 6, Shoots Teacher In Virginia

On Wednesday night, the Newport News School Board voted to Fire and replace Superintendent Dr. George Parker, III, after the 6-year-old student shot his teacher at Richneck Elementary School on January 6.

Parker has served as Superintendent since 2018, and anyone has taken his seat till now; the next Superintendent will be annouched soon.

Gary Hunter was the only one to vote against Parker’s removal during the vote. “Although an external interim would’ve been my preference, I will support Michele Mitchell and want her and the division to succeed,” Aman said.

School board votes to fire Newport News superintendent
School board votes to Fire Newport News superintendent. (Source: WRIC)

Abby Zwerner, who was shot in her classroom, has been released from the hospital but is still recovering.

Zwerner was reading the story when she finished and looked away, and she was shot in her chest by the boy. The incident took place around 11.15 am and 11.30 am.

It was mentioned that the school administration failed to call security or take the child out of the class. 

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More To Know About 6-Year-Old Boy, Shoots Teacher In Virginia

Before the incident, three administrators warned that the boy had a gun, but no one took action immediately, and Abby Zwerner was injured.

A boy shot Abby Zwerner in the class, she is 25 and has been released from the hospital, but she is not back at school.

Many teachers claimed that the boy’s activity was weird; he left one of his classmates sobbing after showing him the gun. The boy threatened his classmate, saying he will shot him if he told anyone about the gun.

Virginia teacher shot in classroom by pupil, 6, 'showing signs of improvement.Virginia teacher shot in classroom by pupil, 6, 'showing signs of improvement.
Virginia teacher shot in the classroom by pupil, 6, ‘showing signs of improvement. (Source: Sky News)

The boy’s parents have not been identified for almost a week; after a week, his parents apologized to the department, saying, “the shooting was the first week when we were not in class with him. We will regret our absence for the rest of our lives on this day.”

They mentioned they had no idea where the body got the handgun from, which seems like they don’t take proper care of their children.

The identity of the 6-year-old body and his parents has not been disclosed yet. The investigation is still going on to learn how the body got the gun.

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