Deborah Barak funeral, burial service, pictures, date, time, venue


Deborah Barak recently died to the shock of many. During her life, she was the epitome of success and captured lots of hearts with her work. Though she worked for over 35 years at CBS Broadcasting Inc., she had a hard time battling a dangerous disease that according to reports killed her.

With her talent, lots of programs were invented at the corporation. Deborah Barak made lots of friends during her lifespan. David Stapf, President of CBS Studios, who was a close friend and colleague of Barak, stated that Debby was a mentor and dear friend to many at CBS. She was someone that people would turn to for advice and guidance, both professionally and personally. Meeting with her always left one feeling more knowledgeable and emotionally stronger.

There was no one more well-liked, respected, and admired at CBS and in the industry as a whole. Barak died at age 65 and is ably survived by her family and friends.

Deborah Barak’s funeral is yet to be held as the world continually mourns her.

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