Dani Alves Pleads With Wife Joana Sanz After She Files For Divorce

Dani Alves reportedly asked his estranged ex-wife for forgiveness after she requested a divorce when he was accused of rape, according to reports.

Dani Alves Pleads With Wife After She Files For Divorce

A judge who was looking into allegations of an assault at Barcelona’s opulent Sutton venue in the early hours of December 31 imprisoned the 39-year-old Brazilian World Cup star last month.

Alves reportedly revised his tale and said they had consensual intercourse after initially denying having any contact with his accuser.

He maintains his innocence while being detained.

The 29-year-old Joana Sanz, Alves’s wife, reportedly filed for divorce and deleted most of their Instagram images together.

According to Telecino, he has now asked for her forgiveness and begged her to reconsider getting a divorce.

Joana, a Spanish model, reportedly said she wanted to talk with Alves so he could explain his version of events during a phone contact with him from behind bars.

According to a Spanish TV journalist, the star’s new attorney claimed that the purpose of his earlier account of the events was to “protect his wife” and hide his “infidelity.”

Leading lawyer Cristobal Martell, who previously defended Lionel Messi in his tax fraud case, appealed the decision to put him in detention on Wednesday.

According to court documents, Alves vowed not to leave Spain and to stay 500 meters away from his accuser’s residence and place of employment.

If he were to be released from prison, he also promised to wear a tracking device around the clock and to report to police every day.

Alves, a former star for Barcelona FC, was previously declared a flight risk by the judge.

After examining the accuser and suspect at Barcelona’s court number 15 on January 20, magistrate Anna Marn determined there was a case to answer.

Dani Alves Pleads With Wife After She Files For Divorce

She reportedly stated in the newspaper that “there are much more than enough indications” to believe that a rape occurred and that the suspect was the offender.

The magistrate emphasized that nothing has been proven and that the investigation is ongoing, according to the newspaper.

What Happened To Dani Alves?

Alves was detained without bond on 20 January 2023 after being apprehended by Spanish police on charges of sexual assault.

On December 30, 2022, the claimed assault allegedly took place in a club in Barcelona.

On January 2, 2023, the complainant had submitted a formal complaint.

According to El Periódico de Catalunya, the complainant told police and the judge that after a waiter took her to meet Alves in the VIP area of the nightclub, Alves twice forced her to touch his penis against her will. 

He then told her to follow him into the bathroom, stopped her from leaving, threw her to the ground, forced her to fall at his feet, slapped her when she resisted, raped her, and ejaculated.

Joana Sanz

After being introduced by a mutual acquaintance, Joana Sanz and Dani Alves first connected in 2015.

Joanna was born in 1993 in Tenerife.

The supermodel has been strutting the runway since she was 17 and has since collaborated with numerous illustrious labels, including Jimmy Choo, YSL, L’Oriel, and many more.

They only got together just before Alves moved to Juventus in Italy; she has been based in Madrid.

Before Joana agreed to get engaged, Alves had to make three engagement proposals.

She reportedly had reservations about getting married and resisted accepting Alves’ proposal ring.

However, the couple wed in Ibiza in a secret ceremony in 2017.

File For Divorce

Joana Sanz, the wife of Dani Alves, filed for divorce after learning that her husband was taken into custody on suspicion of sexual assault.

Dani Alves Pleads With Wife After She Files For Divorce

The alleged attack happened on December 30 at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, and the football player was taken into custody on January 20.

He is still being held without bond pending his trial. At the time, he was a player for the Mexican team Pumas, but his contract with them has since been cancelled.

According to the Ana Rosa Programme, the footballer has apparently received a divorce petition from his present wife Joana Sanz through his attorney.

The reason for the divorce, according to the program, is not because the footballer is guilty or not, but rather that he has admitted to the infidelity.

“His lawyers have told him because last week she asked for a ‘vis a vis’ and he said he didn’t want to”, said journalist Leticia Requejo.

She then added: “They also tell me that Joana regrets these first statements defending her boyfriend, decisions that she makes because of Dani Alves’ lawyer”.

It was also said that Alves had turned down the chance to meet his wife or his immediate family. Six people are the most that can enter in the later scenario. The player appears to have likewise ruled out this possibility.

Sanz has removed from her social media accounts all of the pictures of her and her current husband Alves, including the ones from their wedding day.

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