Dani Alves Makes Debut For Prison Football Team

Dani Alves

Beleaguered former Barcelona star Dani Alves has reportedly played a football match for his prison football team.

Dani AlvesDani Alves

Dani Alves suddenly fell into the police net when a 23-year-old woman identified him as her attacker to police. He was arrested on January 20, 2023 and is being held at the Brians 2 prison in Catalonia, Spain.

According to the Sun, the Barcelona legend made his prison football debut, amidst cheers by other inmates.

A source revealed “the expectation was great” with others inmates hailing and cheering the former Juventus star.

The LaLiga legend is said to have held his head high although being behind bars and have boldly told his fellow inmates he is ready for whatever comes to him.

He reportedly opened up on his life history to the inmates revealing he left home at the age of 15, and had overcame difficult situations in his life.

He added the rape allegation that has landed him in Spanish prison will be like his many challenges which he has overcome.

Dani AlvesDani AlvesDani Alves
Brians 2 Prison in Catalonia where Dani Alves is remanded

Dani Alves is said to have commanded great attention from other inmates after being taken to the Brian’s 2 prison in Catalonia, Spain.

He reportedly signed a lot of autographs for some prisoners and in the process met another Brazilian – Coutinho.

According to reports, the Coutinho Alves met in prison, is not the one that once played for Liverpool in the Premier League and FC Barcelona in La Liga, rather another Brazilian who is said to have been a bodyguard to another Brazil and Barcelona football legend Ronaldinho.

Reports have it that inmates at the Brian 2 prison in Catalonia hold Dani Alves in high esteem and have not referred to him as a “rapist.”

The Brazilian found himself behind bars when his alleged victim claimed the Barcelona football legend allegedly assaulted her in a night club in Catalonia.

Dani AlvesDani AlvesDani Alves

Reacting to the woman’s claims, Dani Alves, who spoke with Spanish TV said he doesn’t know who the lady is and have not met her before

“I don’t know who this Lady is.

“I don’t know her name, I don’t know her, I’ve never seen her in my life.”

However, during a court hearing, Dani Alves said he had consensual sex with the woman.

His contrasting narration of what happened and his relationship with the alleged victim is said to have prompted the jury to have him remanded in custody.

Footage of what actually transpired in the night club shows Dani Alves and the alleged victim heading to the club’s lavatory and spending about 47 seconds.

The woman has denied having consensual sex with Dani Alves, saying he forced her and had sex with her while in the toilet.

Dani AlvesDani AlvesDani Alves

The woman added she was shocked and waited for seconds in the toilet before she finally decided to break the news to her friends and the club bouncers.

Dani Alves faces risk of long-term prison sentence if he is finally convicted.

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