Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Europe to end his career, Al Nassr manager confirms

Cristiano Ronaldo will return to Europe to end his career, Al Nassr manager confirms

Ronaldo signed a historic contract with Saudi club Al Nassr, rumoured to be worth £175 million per year, the largest annual football pay in history, through 2025. after Manchester United ended his contract in November due to a critical interview, he gave to Piers Morgan in which he expressed disrespect towards the club and manager Erik ten Hag.

According to Garcia, Ronaldo intends to conclude his playing career in Europe, even though his contract with Al Nassr would extend beyond his 40th birthday if he stays in Saudi Arabia.

On Thursday, Al-Ittihad defeated Garcia’s league-leading team and eliminated them from the Saudi Super Cup. Ronaldo, who was serving as the team’s captain, could not score again following his scoreless debut last Sunday.

“One of the things that changed the course of the match was Cristiano’s missed opportunity in the first half,” the boss said after the game.

“Ronaldo missed a chance on goal that would have turned the game around in the first half, but I congratulate Al Ittihad.”

However, he said Ronaldo was a “positive addition, as he helps to disperse defenders”.

“He is one of the best players in the world. He will not finish his career at Al Nassr, he will return to Europe,” Garcia said.

Sources have informed ESPN that Al Nassr is confident that Ronaldo will end his playing career with the team and has not ruled out the possibility of renewing his large contract. Ronaldo debuted with Al Nassr in a 1-0 victory over Ettifaq last Sunday.

He signed a two-and-a-half-year agreement worth $200 million annually with the Riyadh-based club after leaving Manchester United in December.

Ronaldo said upon his move to the Middle East that his career in European club football is “over”,

“If it were just about money, you’d be in Saudi Arabia earning this king’s ransom, but that’s not what motivates you,” Morgan said to the star before adding: “You want to keep at the top.” Ronaldo, in nodding acknowledgement, responded: “Exactly.”

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