Could Chang and Eng Bunker have been separated?


Chang and Eng Bunker are what the world will call now as celebrity twins. They were siamese twins who gained fame as a result of their physicality. Chang and his brother did everything together. To early doctors, Chang and Eng were two of the nineteenth century’s most studied human beings because everyone who came into contact with the was filled with curiosity.

Chang gained so much fame leading them to acquire citizenship in the United States. They even acquired slaves and ended up marrying local sisters; Adelaide Yates and Sarah Yates. Chang and Eng had 21 children with their wives  thereby starting a huge family

Chang Bunker, unfortunately, passed away on January 17, 1874. Their cause of death was a cerebral blood clot as per an autopsy performed on their bodies. One interesting thing found was that the famed twins made use of one liver.

Many believed Chang and Eng would have been separated however doctors had other ideas with regard to that decision. The twins lived fruitful lives and even gave birth to their own children who survive them till today.

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