Comcast to Premiere 4K Coverage of the 2023 Super Bowl Big Game with Dolby Vision HDR

comcast xfinty super bowl 2023

For the first time, the Super Bowl LVII will be broadcasted in 4K and Dolby Vision HDR in the United States through Comcast’s Xfinity X1 service. The live 4K coverage of the Super Bowl will be exclusive to Xfinity, as per an announcement by Dolby and Comcast.

To access the Dolby Vision coverage, Xfinity X1 users just need to say “4K” into their voice remote. However, to watch the game in 4K Dolby Vision, Super Bowl fans must have both a compatible X1 cable box and a Dolby Vision-enabled television.

Dolby Laboratories is a leading company in the HDR revolution, offering advanced and improved experiences through Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. With Fox Sports broadcasting NFL Playoff games and Super Bowl LVII in HDR, these high-profile events are bringing attention to the capabilities of HDR technology.

“Fox also delivered all the FIFA World Cup games and selected college basketball, college football, and MLB games in HDR. Hopefully, that will stimulate other broadcasters and a lot of producers to deliver more content in HDR. We know that is happening, because we have been talking to some of them and they are all studying it and getting their workflow ready.”

Carlos Watanabe, Director, Pay TV & streaming, Dolby

According to Wantanabe, the process of delivering Dolby Vision HDR is simple. The Dolby Vision Live Distribution Processing analyzes each frame and generates metadata to describe the frame.

comcast xfinty super bowl 2023

Upon reaching a Dolby Vision-compatible display, the image metadata is used to adapt the signal to the display’s capabilities, providing the best possible streaming experience for the consumer.

With static metadata, generic mapping information is sent for a specific display type. In contrast, Dolby Vision’s dynamic metadata allows the display to create its own custom mappings, ensuring a consistent and optimal image regardless of the cost of the panel.

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